X-Sure - Special Limited Nixie Finance Tube Clock

Limited Edition

Nixie Bitcoin Ticker

This great light from the last century
Nixie Finance Tube Clock
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It may be the first intelligent nixie clock that can access the Internet and display dynamic data such as asset prices. Its rare "window" design and the ingenious combination of metal, glass and wood can protect the precious memory of mankind.

the cat

We use Internet to make the light shine more brightly

XSURE Nixie Tube Clock may be the first Nixie Tube clock that can access the Internet. It supports the display of digital asset prices such as BTC and ETH, which can be set and upgraded through app, and may support more other data sources in the future.

Non-Fungible Tokens,Truly Unique

You could choose to mint a NFT after purchase, as a special monument for your collection. One physical product, one NFT, all unique.

We will announce how to mint the NFT after a period of sale. At most, you just need to pay a gas fee for that. The estimated time would be referred to the delivery status.

The brilliance of spirit still shines in

every corner of the world

Cliff side buildings, warm fires in the dark, windows of the future...

Inspiration is everywhere, and these come together to make a creation.

Special Thanks

With You, So Sure

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  • Charles
  • mingx
  • Team of Yingzhi (SL & HW & YS & HB)
  • Junzee
  • xiushijve
  • Niande
  • PrismyBo
  • Han
  • DOMI
  • Genset
  • QG
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