The Examples of Surface Defect

The classification is based on the level of defects, and the following pictures only indicate the degree of defects, not means the specific position on the device.

Class A

Vert tiny scratch or dent

Class A-

A little bit obvious scratch or dent.

Brand New Original Box

All Features Work Perfectly

Real-Time Crypto Ticker

Desktop Crypto Ticker

Once tracking the cryptocurrencies price becomes an important thing, you may have to know the timely uptrend or downtrend every moment. X-SURE™ L1 Real-Time Ticker was precisely designed for this purpose, the favorite device for the hodlers!

Multi-Currency Support:
2.4 IPS LCD Screen
24H Real-time Refresh
1W Box Speaker
CNC Metal Unibody
Customized Themes & Editions
App Management
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