Hey, We Are X-SURE!

A Younger Crypto-Focused Startup.
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What we do now and next

As you see, we start by designing and producing Crypto Tickers. There will be more kinds of gadgets, creatives, and X-things synthesized by X-SURE.

We will insist on creating unique stuff for crypto communities, for Bit-world, stand on Atom-earth. And we hope the bits and atoms will integrate with each other better and better. We hope people could fly in the metaverse, also smell flowers blooming in the sunshine in the future,

We aren't planning to build a skyscraper,
but a bridge.

No matter how small the bridge is, which is still connecting the world from separated away, letting the people pass by freely.

In The Matrix (1999) Neo needs to make a decision between the blue pill and the red pill. Now, between the crypto and physical world, we don’t need to choose, we love both, diving in both.

So, why begin with tickers?

It’s a crossover point — a cross of hardware and software, a tube between crypto data and your eyes, a combination of useful features and beautiful design.

Up and down, the data is always fluctuating in the flow, but the touchable ‘metal cube’ won’t.

Between reality and data, efficiency and relaxation, we want to help you keep the balance. Just for a number, you won’t need to pick up your phone or click on the screen anymore.

Just at a glance, you got it. 

Less time, and less distraction.

We truly hope you could be more relaxed and enjoyable, also with enough perception of changing outside.


Make a debut at CES 2022 in Las Vegas.


Started development of X-SURE L1 .


Started development of Nixie Clock.


X-Sure Founded.

Who we are?

X-SURE is powered by a nimble core team and a lot of partners and friends.
Really appreciate all the help and support we got to make it come true.
Now the mainly X-Holders include:


Former product director of an IoT startup. The line of products already has been sold for more than 2 million pieces. In an earlier time, Kevin has taken part in Yunbi which was a crypto exchange that once had the largest trading volume in the world.


Really an old hand at product development. He had worked on IoT projects more than 10 years ago. After the exploration between the Fortune 500 companies and startups, from Europe to Asia, now his passion is lit up by crypto again.


Related to rockets, Charles has worked on real ones, the kinds of rockets that could fly into space. He also has engaged in a business about car production. X-SURE products are the smallest thing he has ever made.


An Elite Author in Envato Market, talented web designer & developer. His brilliant works are used by thousands of clients around the world. Besides drawing and coding, his hobby is making handcrafted rocket models.


The mysterious Sixth Man, a former game designer & developer, now is a crypto enthusiast.


Happy Manager, psychological healer, and animated emoji.

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