Create for Crypto Communities
Real-time Tickers and More

Try to connect the physical and crypto world with love and passion, creating crafted products
with materials and code, by inspiration.
Real-Time Crypto Ticker
Available to buy now!

LCD Crypto Ticker

X-SURE L1 Real-Time Crypto Ticker,
Track the Price just at a Glance.

Nixie Clock

The Limited Collection Nixie Tube Bitcoin Ticker

Unique design for NL5441 Nixie tube with a life span of more than 200,000 hours | Wifi connection & setting with App | Limited release up to 50, maybe less.
Nixie Finance Tube Clock. Nixie Tube Crypto Ticker

Next step is always X
Mind will always be Sure.

Retro and Modern, Past and Future. We may not have all the answers,
but welcome to join us and explore together.
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The act of working out the form of


Make something new, such as a product or a mental or artistic creation.


Create or manufacture a man-made


Let's Discuss.

Our Products at CES 2022

We launched globally with the release of X-SURE L1 Crypto Ticker and X-SURE Nixie Clock 
in Las Vegas at CES 2022

Special Thanks for

Angel Users

Patrick Slattery
Guangcheng Wei 
Karen Varrone
Petteri Jarvinen
Lincoln Prins

Gregory Ohanessian
Eric Miller
Jason Harris
Matthew Shallcrass
Andrey Matveyev
Lamont White Jr

Andreas Haldorsen
Taylor Glaeser
Jared Giles
Josh Sexton
Thurston Crimp
Mark Stone

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