X-SURE Debuted With Our Physical Cryptocurrency Ticker at CES 2022

As a crypto-focused startup, we have worked hard in the past year, and finally, we launched globally with the release of X-SURE L1 Crypto Ticker and X-SURE Nixie Clock in Las Vegas at CES 2022.

Nixie Bitcoin Clock

In the past few years, we have covered a bunch of awesome nixie tube clocks that can connect to smartphones for easy setup or play audio. The X-Sure Nixie Bitcoin Ticker take it to the next level. It’s the smart Nixie clock that connects to the internet and displays Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other crypto price updates. 

It may be the first intelligent nixie clock that can access the Internet and display dynamic data such as asset prices. Its rare “window” design and the ingenious combination of metal, glass and wood can protect the precious memory of mankind.

X-SURE™ L1 Real-Time Crypto Ticker

X-SURE L1 is a crypto ticker that gets data streaming with a Wi-fi connection. On the 2.4 inch IPS TFT full-color display, users can track the price and other data they care about just at a glance.

2.4 inch IPS TFT full-color display, with 262K color depth and almost complete viewing angle range up to 160°. L1 is a little smaller than an iPhone 13 mini, best fit for your desktop, bringing an experience beyond the expected in a mini space.

As you see, we start by designing and producing Crypto Tickers.
There will be more kinds of gadgets, creatives, and X-things synthesized by X-SURE.

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