Nixie Bitcoin Clock Manual

01. Preface

Thank you for purchasing X-SURE L1. Before using the device, please read this manual carefully.

02. Important Notes

This equipment is a precision instrument. The front and rear glass and nixie tubes are fragile parts. Please avoid falling or collision during use.

03. Package List

Nixie Bitcoin Clock x 1

Charger Kit x 1

Metal Commemorative Plate x 1

Mat x 1

04. Product View

05. Using Method

1. Download X-SURE App.

  • a. Search for X-SURE App in App Store or Google Play to install the app.
  • b. Scan the QR below to install the app.

2. Plug X-SURE Nixie Bitcoin Clock into power (5V 1A). It will power-on automatically.

3. Follow the app instructions.

06. Get Help

If you have any problems in use, you can contact us by

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