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X-SURE™ L1 Real-Time Crypto Ticker

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Just Right Size
for Your Desk.

2.4 inch IPS TFT full-color display, with 262K color depth and almost complete viewing angle range up to 160°.

L1 is a little smaller than an iPhone 13 mini, best fit for your desktop, bringing an experience beyond the expected in a mini space.

Multi-Currency Support
Updating Stably.

Support almost top-10 cryptocurrencies in the early versions and will be updated to more and more kinds.
L1 is powered by several professional platforms’ data sources. Suppose one source isn’t working correctly, L1 will switch to another automatically to keep the data fresh.

Beyond the Prices
ETH Gas Fee and More.

Beyond the crypto-currencies prices, we are adding more data types that may help you surf better in the crypto world, such as ETH gas fees and value locked in Defi.
Please feel free to let us know what data you want. Welcome to join our Discord or send mail to us.

Manage L1 Device
In A Smart Way.

Configure and play all interesting features of L1 Crypto Ticker with X-SURE Mobile App, switch the appearance theme, add currencies, set price fluctuation alert, and so on.

Continuously Upgrading Features

Crypto Coin Ticker Display Switch the screens
Switch between Pages

You can customize the pages showing on the device in App,
and switch between pages by rotating the knob.
You can also turn on the auto-cycle pages function via App.

Track kinds of prices with just one device.

Custom Price Alert of Real-Time Crypto Ticker
Set Custom Price Alerts

Set custom price fluctuation alerts with a beep.
You will never miss any chance anymore.

Time-only Watch Face

If you want to be more focused or avoid others seeing your coins,
switch to this page.

Real-Time Crypto Ticker Integrates with App
Setting and Upgrading with App

You can use App to configure L1 devices and update the firmware.
We will try to keep upgrading the software abilities of the L1 based
on users’ feedback.

The 3rd-party Unboxing Review

More perspectives to show the L1 Crypto Ticker in real scenes.

Play Video
Play Video

From  LazyBoyCrypto

Play Video

From  Yisus Money

Play Video

From  大方BigFang

Customized Watch Faces, Data could be Fun

We will try to publish more and more watch templates with communities, artists, and designers. Make the digits more varied for you.

If you have any idea to create a special edition L1 with us,
just mail to
We will also publish more different editions of devices with communities, which would be fun.
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Co-branding & Special Editions

If you have any idea to create a special edition L1 with us,
just mail to

CNC Metal Unibody & Visible PCB Design

With CNC metal unibody, anodic oxidation of aluminum alloy, visible PCB inside the translucent backboard, L1 is trying to be the finest crypto ticker. Both sides are fantastic.

LCD Real-Time Crypto Ticker
2.4 IPS LCD Screen
24H Real-time Refresh
1W Box Speaker
CNC Metal Unibody
Customized Themes & Editions

Creating with Real Passion

The new batch is available to buy now!

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