The differences between L1 Crypto Ticker Display and The Handcrafted Tickers Sold On ETSY?

Before the first batch of X-SURE™ L1 Crypto Ticker Display was produced, remember a customer told us that if he has to wait a long time to get it, he would rather buy a crypto ticker on ETSY, we replied: it’s worth waiting. After that, We have never heard from him, until the first batch of products were all delivered, we found his name in our order list. Very impressed with us and really appreciated it.

We knew that there are many cool crypto ticker displays on ETSY, made by some talented makers. So since we decided to make our own crypto ticker display, thinking different is the biggest thing in our design concept. The core principle is tracking the cryptocurrency price with a smart user experience, for example, no need to ask the user to reprogram if they want to add more coins, not only connect to Wi-Fi, and so on.

So our team did the following improvements in order to make L1 Crypto Ticker more different.

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Reposition The Product

We are also handicraft makers, but since we became a startup team, we realized that we may have to reposition our product, which means that we must make it easier to use, consider the extensibility, and so on. Besides that, customer service is also an important part of our business. Anyway, it’s very different from being a handicraft maker.

OTA Upgrade

Building around the internet of things is a popular trend nowadays, this technique is already widely used on smartphones, cars, and some electronic products in our life, so L1 Crypto Ticker is no exception. We push the new features, themes or patches through OTA upgrade and open the discussion of the feature request on the Notion page or in our discord community, buy once, enjoy more.

Smart App Management

We also prepared X-SURE mobile app for managing the settings of L1 Crypto Ticker device, the user can handily connect to Wi-Fi, add the coin data, theme, control the brightness of the screen and sound volumn, of course, one click to upgrade the OTA.

Since we started to deliver the first batch of products to the angel users, we have sold thousands pieces of L1 crypto ticker, and received many amazing photos from the buyers.

In the foreseeable future, we will keep to make L1 Crypto Ticker more perfect and increase the playability.

Now You can learn more about L1 Crypto Ticker here.

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