L1 Crypto Ticker Could Be A Bridge To Connecting Crypto Communities

Since we launched X-SURE L1 Crypto Ticker at CES 2022 in Las Vegas, we have received many good reviews and kind suggestions from our customers, we are greatly encouraged by the positive response. Besides that, some crypto companies have collaborated with us or intend to discuss future cooperation.

Such as imToken, a crypto wallet. We released the imToken x X-SURE collaboration edition of the L1 crypto ticker in June. For this collaboration edition, we designed the new device appearance and a custom theme for the 6th anniversary of imToken, the new design contains rich imToken elements, such as nautilus graphics and brand color. They sell or gift this collaboration edition of the X-SURE L1 crypto ticker to imToken audiences.

Another story is the ETH Planet edition. ETH Planet is an organization working on building a community to engage, connect, and empower builders. We offered a lightweight custom appearance design, only printing ETH Planet’s LOGO on the device, and developed an exclusive theme only for Ethereum data. As we know, they will use this edition as gifts for a conference. If you are curious about how this edition of L1 looks, please follow X-SURE Lab’s Twitter, we will post the photos once it will be available.

We also cooperate with FogHashing, which provides Immersion Cooling Solutions for Crypto Mining. They used the X-SURE L1 crypto ticker as gifts for their lucky draw campaign. Another same cooperation case is with HashX Mining on the Australian Crypto Convention.

Additionally, we sponsored DarkHandBook for creating a safer environment on the blockchain, and so on.

Anyway, we think these cases are good examples for expressing our future concept of L1, that is we hope the X-SURE L1 crypto ticker could be a bridge connecting each other in the crypto community. In the other words, we are very open to collaborating with other crypto communities and brands, even if not limited to the form of cooperation.

In the bear market, we need the patience to stay calm and faithful. Crypto culture contains a variety of things and concepts, these make the crypto world so comprehensive! We believe there do have something interesting that can be explored, but we need partners to work together.

If you are interested in our product or concept or intend to do something cool with us, we are always looking forward to getting in touch with you, don’t hesitate to contact us via Email or join our discord.

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