We Not Only Make The Crypto Ticker Display But Also For The Culture

There are plenty of crypto ticker apps exist that can help hodler to track the coin price, but why we still have decided to make the physical crypto ticker display? Actually, we got the same questions since we started to do that.

An App can do this. Why does one have to carry an extra device just to see prices of crypto. Good luck

A comment below our Youtube video

Indeed he is right, but the world that everyone hopes for is very different, and so do we.

We are addicted to industrial design as well as crypto culture, so we naturally combined these two factors for the startup idea at the early stage. We wanted to make an artistic crypto ticker device to track the price at a glance at any time, you don’t need to turn on the computer or the mobile app, just like the clock on the wall. Especially, it’s real physical stuff, even a little heavy so that you can feel the weight.

Nixie Bitcoin Clock

It’s not only a crypto ticker device but also a decoration. No matter in the office or crypto-themed coffee bar and restaurant, we hope our L1 Crypto Ticker and Nixie Bitcoin Clock can be an eye-catching element in these kinds of spaces. Furthermore, we want to knock on the crypto culture’s door with them, just like our slogan on the home page: “Create for the crypto community”, we hope to make something funny and interesting, to bridge the real world and the crypto world.

L1 Crypto Ticker Display

Thus, we don’t want our products only to display the crypto data that makes people feel nervous and stressed. Adding more creative ideas from crypto culture is our next direction, we hope our ticker device can be perfect for more scenes and get closer to the crypto culture community. With the accumulation of interesting cultural elements, naturally increases playability. For example, flexibly customize the device appearance to make it match your brand or style such as we did with our partner imToken(see below), enhance the App features, and so on.

Cooperation with imToken

On the other side, we are going to seek cooperation with organizations and communities related to the crypto culture. People always said that good luck is when an opportunity comes along and we are prepared for it, so we shouldn’t miss it and just get early to know each other, right? Contact us and work together.

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