The Complete Guide to Mint NFT for Your Artwork

minting NFT

Before you want to know how to create the NFT for your artwork, maybe you’ve heard the story that someone paid $69 million for a digital painting by Beeple, it sounds crazy, but you still have the opportunity to give try, mint an NFT for your artwork that can call your own. Hope this guide can be an open sesame to leading you to the NFT world.

1. Pick The Items From Your Artwork

First of all, you have to pick the artwork. Non-fungible tokens can represent any digital file, such as digital painting, text, music, video, anything that can be reproduced as a multimedia file. If you want to sell the physical artwork as NFT, you need to digitalize the physical artwork first.

2. Decide The Channel of Distribution

Generally speaking, you have two choices: find a marketplace or sell anywhere with NFT tools.


There are some existing popular NFT marketplaces such as OpenSea, SuperRare, Rarible, and so on. Note that some curated marketplace allows only authorized artists to mint or create digital art tokens, OpenSea is free to join and has no moderation on the content you can list, but you should know that means the whole marketplace may be full of low-quality digital assets nobody’s ever going to buy. Anyway, let it be! Just make something valuable and do a good job on promotion. Another important associated with these marketplaces have higher transaction fees and lower flexibility on the royalty percentages you can program into your artwork.

Here’s an example for this case, TomfryStudio. The artist Tom Fry sells his artwork in 3 different places: Opensea, Rarible, and auctions on Foundation.

Sell Anywhere with NFT Tools.

The key point is creating your own custom ERC-721 smart contracts. I know Niftykit can help you do that with no coding requirement. They offer a complete solution for creating smart contracts and minting NFTs for your collections Then you can sell your NFTs via their DropKit, embed your NFTs anywhere, such as your own website.

We’ve chosen the latter one for our NFT project. You can pre-order our nixie bitcoin clock first, then we mint the NFT for you as well as ship the physical product to your address.

Once you make a decision between the above two options, then we go to the next step.

3. Create a Digital Wallet With MetaMask

To create a digital wallet with MetaMask to store both your cryptocurrencies and your NFTs, you’ll need to go to its website and click on the blue ‘Download’ button in the top-right. As we’re using a desktop computer, we’ll choose the option to install the browser extension, and there’s also a mobile app.

4. Have some Ether handy

The ETH is used to pay the gas fee, the Ethereum blockchain transaction cost before listing any token you have made. So it’s time to get some Ether. You can make NFTs on a bunch of different blockchains, Ethereum is the most popular one, and the most prominent NFT marketplaces support it. Minting an NFT could cost money. Therefore you must have some Ether (the cryptocurrency based on Ethereum) in your wallet.

The price requested to create the NFT is highly volatile. Have at least 100$ worth of Ether, but be aware that the minting process could cost you even more, based on the daily operational price. But if you’ll mint your NFT on OpenSea, the process is free because of the type of token the platform will create.

5. Create the NFT

Once all is ready, now you can start to create your first NFT. The detailed steps are depended on which marketplace you choose, so you can refer to the guide on their official website.

Let’s say on the OpenSea marketplace, you need to create a collection first, fill in all the information needed, save it. Then start the minting process of a new NFT. create a new item, load your artwork, and write all the details you want about it. Once you’re ready to pull the trigger, click create, that’s it!


NFT market is relatively young, there are many potentials possible that we can explore. Just as we introduced our concept on About us page, we want to build a bridge stretch across NFT and the physical world.

So we started from making the physical real-time cryptocurrency ticker comes with the customized theme for the device, combine the digital artworks with the physical product.

Nothing is impossible if you try.

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