Weekly Brainstorm: How NFT Can Be Used In E-Commerce?

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This week, we had an imaginative discussion in the meeting room. The topic is around the possibility of using NFT in E-Commerce. No doubt 2021 was the year of NFT, people purchased and sold digital NFT assets on OpenSea, some items got the incredible high transaction price, many artists were itching to get involved and expect to wave a magic wand. The term “NFT” was raised hot quickly.

Today just like after a long evening of partying, we calm down and start to think about the practical use of NFT. We have some tentative ideas, however, not sure of their practicability. Our thoughts are mainly focused on integrating NFT into the E-Commerce website, making NFT more valuable in boosting sales or increasing the user viscosity.

A basic point is NFTs can work as proof of ownership of the order, membership identity, gifts, and so on. It’s mainly because an NFT’s attributes cannot be changed behind the scenes or without a record. Then, make the merchants’ E-Commerce platforms support the customers to exchange these assets, this may help increase user loyalty.

Also, we have discussed some other interesting ideas, but still lack further research, so we will keep discussing this topic at this stage. If you are an E-Commerce merchant, we are happy to hear any suggestions in this field, let us know what tools you really need for your E-Commerce business.

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